Friday, December 23, 2005

More footdragging on Afghanistan

Yesterday there was supposed to be a decision on the Afghanistan Mission. The Netherlands had already sent troops in 2003, both to Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now the decision is whether the ISAF mission in the South of Afghanistan (Uruzgan) must be supported with
up to 1,400 troops.

The coalistion of Christian Democrats (CDA), Liberal-Conservatives (VVD) and Liberal-Liberals (D66) is devided, with the minute and irrelevant Liberal-Liberals opposed, Lib-Cons pro and the Christian-Democrats playing their traditional Yes-No-Maybe attitude.

The arguments. The arguments for sending troop there. I have not really found those in the media. Sending peaceforces shows good intention and Dutch politician LOVE good intentions. Good intentions will get you far in this country.

But ooooh... the risks. There are nasty people there. With guns!!!!! They want to fight. They have no proper insurance for health care. And they still want to fight. Ugh. Fanatics. Some of them even do not mind to die. Baaad Afghani's. Must we send TROOPS into areas were there is unrest and chaos and insurrection kinda like it is a WAR out there.

My completely idiotic, lost the plot, do not know what is going on leaders are discussing the risks now and whether they are acceptable.

Personally I think we should not send the troops. It is not that they can achieve anything there. The only good side about it is that the Americans like us doing it. And if it is wrong there will be a lot of chatter about it in the media and perhaps a few people will learn something about it how the rest of the world works.

It would take about 20 men with assault rifles to completely take over this whole country of ours. Just find 20 men with balls of steel and there will be no power here to stop them. This is how weak and useless we have become.

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