Saturday, December 03, 2005

Van Gogh's assassin keeps on inspiring Jihadi's

Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo van Gogh, is still sending instructions and inpiration to his followers. The Holy Assassin managed to post a pamphlet that is now being circulated amongst Muslim Holy warriors in the city of Amsterdam, previously known as "city of carnal pleasures" internationally and as "Sodom and Gamorra" in the unenlighted Dutch countryside.

Mohammed Bouyeri has declared that he send the pamphlet by mail from the prison hospital in Scheveningen, where he was treated for the gun shot wound from a police pistol. Two earlier messages have been intercepted by his guards. Whether the pamphlet escaped police attention of that the guards just did not mind is unclear. On principle Bouyeri's mail is opened and censured on inciting language.

The pamphlet is called "Jesus is God's spirit" and is written under Mohammed Bouyeri's nom de guerre, Abu Zubair. It is an attack on the Islamic strayers of the straight and narrow of Islam. Bouyeri's laywer, Mr. P. Plasman has confirmed Bouyeri's authorship of the message.

Bouyeri claims that moderate Muslims are being used by the Dutch government to obstruct the message of Jihad.

The Justice Ministry tries to isolate Bouyeri as much as possible. He has been moved to a special security prison in Vught, where the Germans Occupation forces inprisoned Dutch resistance fighters and hostages. Snouck's grandfather was one of the latter.

The text is written in Dutch, because Bouyeri does hardly know any Arabic, his mountain goat sheperd parents are illiterate Berbers. It has been printed and made into a booklet, financed by the "Lions of Tawheed". Tawheed is Monotheism. The name "Lions of Tawheed" has been used before for the production and distribution of texts of presumed members of the Hofstadgroup, the terrorist cell Bouyeri was a part of.


nouille said...

So he only knows the language of the infidels, how funny!

Pity he survived his gunshot wound, such a waste of tax payers money.

Esther said...

It might be funny, but it also brings about a serious problem. You're talking about a person who sees himself as Dutch and knows no other country as home.

Another reason for writing it in Dutch - the reader circle knows Dutch. It was not written only for Arab speakers, but also for Dutch converts, for example, and other Muslims who were born in Holland.

Snouck said...

Well, he probably also knows a Berber dialect, such as Tamazigt. But no Arabic. Most Morroccans do no speak Arabic. They have held on strongly to Berber culture, but converted to Islam a long time ago, not long after the Arabs took over North Africa. One of the dynasties that ruled Spain when it was Muslim ruled was Berber. One of their princes was called: Abou Jahjah. He was one to fight the Spanish Christians and to win most of the Iberian peninsula for Islam. So that is I guess why that Lebanese took that name. To inspire the Berber Morroccans in Belgium.

Snouck said...

I doubt that Bouyeri looks upon Holland as his home. The mere fact that he disconnected from Morrocco does not make him embrace Dutch society. He sees himself as a citizens of a non-geographical community, the Muslim Umma. Bouyeri does not have friends who are secular Dutch. The Dutch friends he does have are converts. You have to stop thinking in national societies to understand this phenomena.

Esther said...

Good point, Snouck. I posted a reply on my blog..

Esther said...

I'm not sure if my reply didn't make it.. (just had trouble posting yesterday)

I wrote up a reply on my blog:

Snouck said...

I too seem to have trouble posting and also getting your and other replies on the blog. Smth seems to be the matter with blogger.