Sunday, December 04, 2005

He still does not get it

A Muslim council member, Bramin Bourzik, of the city borough of Rotterdam proposed to place little signs or shields in the city to point the direction to Mecca. So that Muslims can pray in the right direction. Many Dutch citizens reacted furiously and Dutch web forums were flooded by white-hot messages. "Has this Muslim gone utterly nuts?" many people wondered. Letter and e-mail writers vowed to remove all signs out of the city. Web masters also had to remove thousands of racist and xenophobic messages along the well-know, charming and typically Dutch "Goat, donkey and camel abusers" lines.

Bourzik, received some support from Muslims: "finally a Muslim who is not afraid to make a proposal in favour of his community" was the sentiment. Seeing the amount of hatred that the proposal raised Bourzik has dropped his proposal. "Half of the population of the city of Rotterdam is foreign (non-white). But these days their existence is denied. Public areas are also for Muslims. But this is not accepted (by city hall). The attitude (at city hall) is still "non - whites are welcome, but have to know their place"."

The thing that Bourzik blithely ignores is that city hall is mangled between the wishes of Muslims and other non-whites and the ethnic fury of the white blue collar workers and lower-middle class which has still not abated. These people do not say that non - whites are are welcome, but must know their place. They say that Bourzik and his co-religionists have to head back to "Goat - F###er land".

Is that so hard to understand?


nouille said...

Your last line slayed me!

Does anyone know if Christians/westerners are as bold as this man in Muslim countries?

I can't imagine a westerner insisting on christian markings being put up around muslim cities.

Esther said...

Nouille, I think the comparison should be to the Jews here, who also pray in a specific direction (ie, Jersualem). But really.. a real believer wouldn't need a sign to show him in which direction to pray. This guy got the idea from a trip in Saudi Arabia, and thought that it would be a good idea to import it to Holland.

The thing is.. many Muslims didn't think the idea was smart either. It's obviously ridiculous. In the end, such ideas don't do good to the Muslim community.

Snouck said...

So I am the mighty slayer of Nouille. Tremble before my thunderous force ye infidels. Snouck will smite thee with great dispatch!!!