Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Amsterdam court supports slandering right wing Rotterdam leader

If one is politically active on the right wing in any Western country one is going to be called a Nazi. It is like gravity, a kind of law of nature. Objects fall towards Earth. Right wingers are called Nazi. Because right winged political activism is very active and dynamic right now lots of people get to be called Nazi. This is dangerous because most people these days subscribe to a vaguely defined religious cult called political - correctness. In the Pantheon of evil of the political-correct Ueber-Nazi Adolf Hitler is Satan incarnate.

And the little Nazis are his demons. "Nazis" are fleshy, meaty, tangible Evil. "Kill it! Kill it!" the political -correct mobs jabber. And in 2002 Pim Fortuyn was killed by a animal rights activist, a veritable dragon slayer of the Left, well connected to the establishment Green Left party.

Michiel Smit is one of these little meaty Demons. He used to be one of Pim Fortuyns buddies in Rotterdam. During the municipal elections of 2002 he was listed on Fortuyn's Livable Rotterdam party list. He was appointed as some kind of technology aelderman. Later he was kicked out of the party because he spoke to Vlaams Belang leader Leon de Winter. That went too far.

Smit is now an independent. He has got a well built web portal and some followers appearently. With new elections coming up in 2006 campaigning is picking up steam in Rotterdam, the city where blue collar workers massively deserted Labour in 2002 and utterly trashed that party (giggle).

Last Friday the Amsterdam Magistrate Court quoth that it is okay to call Smit a Nazi. Smit had asked for a ruling because of regular verbal attacks and a physical attack recently. Since the news of the ruling hate mail has been streaming in and regular death threats too.

The platform of Michiel Smit's party Nieuw Rechts is an end to third world immigration, immigrants have to adapt to Dutch culture, a heavy emphasis on law and order and neatness and tidyness in Rotterdam. No mention of biological integrity of the ethnic Dutch, no notion of eugenics, no notion of a strongman leader political system.

Yet it is not slander to call Smit a Nazi.

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