Sunday, August 07, 2011

Africa in England: Tottenham riot

Two years ago in August 2009 I wrote:
It is my conviction that when a nation receive immigrants in significant numbers, the immigrants will ussually congegrate in one spot form a colony and follow the laws and customs of their societies of origin. The veracity of this idea can be observed all over Europe in the Muslim gettos. But there are also African and Caribbean gettos in Europe.
This was again illustrated this weekend by the Tottenham riots. Twenty-six policemen got injured, scored of cars were burnt and even several buildings were burnt to the ground by black rioters.

The cause if the violence

Of course there is group violence by ethnic Europeans too. But what makes this black riot special that it was sparked by the killing of a black gangster by British police. Twenty-nine year old Mark Duggan of Carribean extraction was shot by police after he fired a bullit at police.

A vigil for a gangster

The response of the local Carribian community was to honour the thug with a vigil. Eventually the crowd got violent and started attacking riot police and then random mayhem ensued.

It bears repeating that the riot was the response to a killing of a gangster. Appearently for Blacks living in England have such a sense of racial solidarity that they will even riot after one of their criminals is hurt.

Old habits die hard

This happens also in The Netherlands, in Canada and in the USA and China, everywhere Black communities settle.

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