Monday, July 25, 2011

An executioner is not a knight

This weekend the news is dominated by the terror attacks in Norway. The bombing of a building in Oslo and the massacre of more than 90 people in a youth camp on the island of Utoya in Norway has tongues wagging.

Multi-culturalism and Islam

The assassin professes to be an enemy of multi-culturalism and the presence of Muslims in Europe. He is a Norwegian nationalist.

The executioner's clique

In a video posted on the internet the assassin explains his views and concerns. The video shows the evil nature of the leftist multiculturalist and the threat of Islam.

The video has four parts. At the end the video shows a solution. A re-establishment of the Order of the Knights Templar, who are to fight the Left, Multi-culturalism and Islam. The assassin wants to be seen as a knight, a noble warrior fighting to stablish a superior order over the inferior order of multi-culturalism which presently reigns in Norway and the rest of the EU.

Knight Templars

The Knight Templars were an Order of knights. It was their stated aim to fight for Christianity. They were bound by a code of honour, of Chivalry as all true knights. According to the code of Chivalry the best form of fight is the duel, the fight between equals. In such a fight there is great personal risk to the protaginists. Mideaval ethics looked down on executioners due to the cowardly way executioners kill their victims. The Knight Templars can be viewed as the ultimate embodiment of this Mideaval morality.

Breivik has failed to live up to this morality. By attacking defenseless people he was at very little personal risk. He is not a dueller. He is a executioner.


In the attack on the left it must be realised that the destruction of the enemy is not the ultimate object, but the establishment of a superior alternative. A better social and political order must have legitimacy in the eyes of the many. Murderous and cowardly methods are an obstacle to achieving legitimacy.

As such the murder of more than 90 people is not just immoral but also a great set-back to re-establish the reign of Norwegian and other European nationalists. It discourages those who are inclined to support nationalism and it will provide impetus to the multi-culturalist Left.

The grief of Norway

This is an unhappy weekend. The greatest unhappiness is not our political unhappiness, but the grief of the friends and families of those killed in Oslo and Utoya.

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