Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama bin Laden dead, war is over

Obama kills Osama

The news today is that a group of 24 US Seals under guidance of the CIA killed Osama bin Laden in a compound in Islamabad, Pakistan today.

There are some doubts that this is true. The timing of the news is suspicious with the American President increasingly under suspicion because of his refusal to show his proof of being born in the USA.

Global Jihad and the Counter-Jihad

Another question, what will the effect be on the global Jihad and the forces opposing Jihad?

If Osama bin Laden was truly killed in Islamabad this is not the end of the Jihad. Jihad, holy war to impose sharia law on the world is mandated by the core texts of Islam. The death of a warlord does not change that.

Right now waves of migrants are leaving North Africa and entering Europe. These Muslims will strengthen the Muslim colonies which have already been established. These colonies will be the new bases from which the struggle to establish Sharia in Europe will continue.

Multiculturalists will argue that the struggle has ended and seek to weaken the claims of Counter-Jihadist and anti-sharia groups such as the Danish People's Party and the Freedom Party in Europe. They want to go back to the time before 9-11 when Multiculturalism was unchallenged.

It will not happen.

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