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Most of emigrants from the Netherlands were from immigrant stock

Immigrants are leaving

Esther's Islam in Europe blog featured an article on 28 January on emigration from The Netherlands. Between 2001 and 2010 there was a wave of emigration from The Netherlands to other countries. Two-thirds of the emigrants were not ethnically Dutch. These emigrants were both Western foreigners and Non-Westerners. In Esther's words:
Netherlands: Immigrants make up two thirds of emigrants

Two thirds of emigrants from The Netherlands are of immigrant origin. They're tired of the intolerance and see better career opportunities in their land of origin. Highly educated Moroccan or Turkish youth leave the Netherlands due to the harsh political climate. Though it's not a mass emigration, these groups of immigrants say 'increasing intolerance' is a reason for leaving.

Is the Netherlands saved from being swamped by Muslims?

Sounds like good news for the nationalist Dutch in The Netherlands. However a question remains. Of the two-thirds immigrant stock who move away from The Netherlands, how many are Western and how many are not?

When one downloads the report Dutch emigration (Dutch) and looks at the figures one can find the following.

The figures for Muslim emigration

Annually in the years between 2001 and 2010 about a 100.000 people left The Netherlands. In 2006 it was even 130.000 on a 16 million population. So that is half a percent or even close two a percent of the total population. The report gives figures for the group of between 20 and 45 year olds. That is the age most people work and have children. In 2009 2,149 young Turks, 1,444 young Maroccans, 454 young Afghans and 977 young Iraqis left The Netherlands. Around 5,000 Muslims in all. The total number of Muslims in the Netherlands is about 5.5 percent of the population or about 850,000 people (Dutch). About half a percent of them are leaving especially the better educated ones. This sigificantly lowers the birth rate of Turks and Moroccans. The Turkish birth rate is 2.12 and the Moroccan 2.93 percent. In absolute numbers it is nearly 15,000 per year. The conclusion is that the total number of Turks and Moroccans emigrating out of The Netherlands was about one third of their births. Their population would actually decline in the long run.

What works against the Dutch

Because ethnic Dutch women have a birth rate of 1.6 percent, the number of Dutch people is declining more quickly though. Also since 2008 the number of immigrants has been rising.

In the abovementioned numbers I left out the Muslims in The Netherlands who are not Turks or Moroccans. I did a quick calculation and I think it leaves the core of my argument unaffected.

In conclusion

But the conclusion is that with a small increase in the native birthrate. A closed borders policy. Plus a harsh, but not even slightly violent attitude towards the Muslims it may be possible to assure continued dominance of the ethnic Dutch within their established borders.

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