Friday, December 10, 2010

Dutch elite is out of answers

Collectively flabbergasted

A Dutch polling firm, TNS Nipo, conducted a survey under 400 members of people who are regarded as the elite (Dutch). Out of the 400 administrators, CEO's, scientists, high ranking civil servants, bankers, politicians and cultural authorities polled, 250 participated. More than half of them has no confidence that the Dutch administrative elite will be able to formulate a policy to counter the wave of pupulism which is making waves since the 2001 Fortuyn revolution. Although three- quarters of those polled sees populism embodies in the rise of Geert Wilders'Freedom Party (PVV) as problematic and damaging to the international stature of The Netherlands.

In short, the Dutch elite is ready to bow and scrape for the PVV, despite not liking the party, nor the citizens they represent, understanding the concerns of neither the former nor the latter.

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