Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wilders soon on re-trial

The Court of Amsterdam again

The Court of Amsterdam today, November 11, published its intention to put Mr. Geert Wilders on trial again. Mr. Wilders is accused of "Hate Crimes" against Muslims. Many of the cited crimes consist of quotes from the Quran and other authorative Islamic sources. This intention was just published on a website of the Courts, The judges of the Amsterdam Court is to have the trial "soon". In order to set a new date for a new trial the Court states that it is "in negotiation with the parties concerned".

The names of the judges

The message of the court states that the judges which will try Wilders are judge and Chairman A.A.M. van Oosten, senior judge G.P.C. Janssen and junior judge J.C. Boeree.

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