Monday, October 18, 2010

The Wilders show trial goes into its second week

Increasingly farcical proceedings

Today on Monday 18 October 2010 the Wilders show trial goes into its second week. The term "show trial" is a reference to the Moscow show trials, which Stalin used to eliminate his enemies, who met a tragic fate through them. The Wilders trial was intended by the Amsterdam judges to eliminate Wilders as an viable enemy of the Multi-Cultural society. But now the trial is descending into a farce, with the judges and plaintiffs ending up on the losing side. History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as a farce. Said Karl Marx.

The lineup of jokers

This week representatives of 17 organisations are lined up to complain about what Mr. Wilders has said in the past 5 years. A Moroccan, Mohammed Rabbae, former prominent politician for the Greens or GroenLinks made a statement this morning (Dutch). The statement consisted of a long summing up of encounters of "racism" by Muslim immigrants. According to Rabbae Muslims in the Netherlands feel hostility against them and their life becomes unbearable. This racism was supposed to be result of public statements by Mr. Geert Wilders. The 17 organisations demand that Geert Wilders is fined 1 Euro for making these statements.

The punchline

The target of Mr. Wilders' statements is not so much immigrants, but Multi-Cultural society and the ideology of Multi-Culturalism. Mr. Rabbae's statement that life in Multi-Cultural Dutch society is unbearable actually gives more thrust to Wilders' arguments that the Multi-Cultural ideology is a failure. People from such different ethnic and religious backgrounds cannot live together well. That is in my opinion the real joke of this trial and the "Hate Speech" legislation.

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