Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turkish EU Consul threatens Freedom Party (PVV)

Talking like a real Turk

Kleinverzet has a story on Freedom Party (PVV) EU MP Barry Madlener questioning the consul to the EU Egemen Bagis. MP Madlener asked why the government of Turkey refused to meet with PVV leader Geert Wilders, who is opposed to Turkey joining the EU. MP Madlener added:
You are good friends with Iranian dictator Ahmadinejad, while you shun my party's leader. It is a disgrace.
The consul of the Turks responded with a personal attack on Wilders and Madlener
Racism is a dangerous disease from which Europe suffers much. It is clear there are still people suffering from it. Mr. Madlener, we will cure you.
In addition to a personal smear, this is a direct threat against Mr. Madlener, Mr. Wilders and those who stand with them. How will the Turks "cure" those who oppose their joining the EU? Will they cure them with the cure the Armenians received less than a century years ago, when they were against remaining a part of the Ottoman Empire?

Seeing but not seeing

Indicative of the refusal of the EU elite to see reality of Turkish and Muslim irredentism for what it is, the EU secratariat ommitted the remarks by the consult of the Turks from the meeting notes. Quoting Kleinverzet:
Thomas Grünert, secretary of the EP, says the remarks made by the Turkish minister were not included, because it wasn't 'really a political point'. According to him it was something personal between the Bagis and Madlener.

We didn't think it was in the interest of the governance of the European Union to emphasise the confrontation between the Turkish minister and Madlener.

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The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

By "racism" I assume they mean, as always, actually looking out for our own interests, or attempting too.

Of course, when everyone else does it it is just considered normal and acceptable.

Still, as you point out, they always fall back on threats in the end.