Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Standing up against Liberals requires a straight back

A Conservative dancing to the Liberal tune

Mr. Auster, who runs the VFR blog, features a reader's anecdote in a recent article:
A reader heard NY Republican candidate Carl Paladino tell Sean Hannity on the radio today that he has no problem going into homosexual bars......What a thing for a gubernatorial candidate--let alone a conservative gubernatorial candidate who has strongly criticized the normalization of homosexuality--to say.
Mr. Auster then draws a conclusion he has drawn before:
When he first appeared on the scene, Paladino seemed like a tough-guy Italian-American maverick ready to do battle with liberalism. In reality he's a babe in the liberal woods, helplessly eager to show himself a "good guy" by liberal and homosexual standards. This latest embarrassing statement of his is further support for my position that you cannot effectively challenge the ruling liberalism unless (a) you understand liberalism, and (b) you stand outside liberalism, on non-liberal ground that is independent of liberalism.
Where does Wilders stand?

On the same day I read a quote from a book "Choose Freedom" or Kies voor Vrijheid by Mr. Geert Wilders. The quote concerns his reasons for admiring his teacher of the political handwork Frits Bolkenstein. Mr. Bolkenstein opposed the excesses of Multi-Culturalism in the 90ies. Geert Wilders writes:
Bolkenstein taught me, choose a point of view, support it with a basis of good arguments, do not be afraid of criticism and do not yield an inch, certainly not when the Leftist community in political and media circles in the political centre of The Hague attack you and try to corner you.
Mr. Auster says that an attack on Liberalism must be mounted on a foundation of non-liberalism.

Is Wilders a Liberal or not?

Is Wilders' attack on Multi-Cultural Liberalism non-liberal or is his critique grounded in another, older or classical form of Liberalism. If it is the latter, than his attack is in danger to develop to the same stage that present day Multi-Cultural Liberalism has reached, namely of an anti-western movement, hostile to the Dutch nation and the other historic nations of the West. I will address this question in a second post.

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