Monday, October 04, 2010

Right-wing government approved by CDA congress

Showing their colours

Well now the new Dutch cabinet has been put on a firm footing. The agreement or regeeraccoord that was negotiated between right-liberal VVD, Christian Democrat CDA and populist PVV was approved by a congress of CDA members in the city of Arnhem last Saturday. 4,000 members showed up and 68 percent of these approved of the participation of the CDA in the new cabinet.

Wilders and his movement becoming accepted

What is remarkable is that the ballot was not secret, but public and even live on TV. This means that 2,759 people showed their support for co-operation with Geert Wilders on TV. This breaks the ice for showing support for Wilders in a major way.

The future of the CDA

The CDA and its forerunners was the major political movement of the right in The Netherlands since the 1901 cabinet of Abraham Kuyper's ARP, the first true political party in The Netherlands. Due to ongoing secularisation the Christian Democrats have been weakening considerably. Especially in the last 20 years. With the acceptance of the populist movement the CDA is confining itself to the margin, while the PVV will take its place as the centre piece of Dutch politics.

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