Friday, October 15, 2010

Hearing but not hearing

Persecution by rulers

King David, the Psalmist, wrote 3,000 years ago:

Psalm 119: 161-163

161 Rulers persecute me without cause,
but my heart trembles at your word.

162 I rejoice in your promise
like one who finds great spoil.

163 I hate and abhor falsehood
but I love your law.

Could have been written for Mr. Wilders

Enforcing the correct view of the elite

The previous week was the week of the Wilders Show Trial. It is a show trial because an important goal of the people who ordered that the Public Prosecutor (OM) should undertake a case against Geert Wilders for Defamation, Hate Crimes and Discrimination was to SHOW the public what would happen to them if they would voice negative opinions against classes protected by the law. These protected classes are women, gays and minorities including Muslims. Their protection is defined in Article 1 of the constitution, article 137 of the Penal Code and the Case Law pertaining to Dutch citizens voicing negative opinions about protected classes. These laws came in effect in the early 1980ies and earlier.

The complaints against Wilders by a large number of Dutch complainants consisted of the charge that, verbally, in writing and by making a film "Fitna":
-Mr. Wilders defamed Muslims as a group, on account of their religion;
-That he incited the public to have hateful feelings towards Muslims, discriminating against them;
-Called for a ban against the Koran, in the way of the ban of Mein Kampf;
-Discribing Islam as a violent, hateful and supremacist religion, a political ideology and a program of conquest;

Around eighty related charges, brought by around forty plaintiffs. Full text of Geert Wilders' summons in English.

It was also a show trial, because the judges already knew what to think about Mr. Wilders' opinions. Judge Jan Moors revealed in which camp he was at the first day of the trial. It was the intention of the court to cross-examine Geert Wilders. Through his laywer Mr. Geert Wilders told the court he would use his right to remain silent. Everything he wanted to say had been said he insisted. Mr. Wilders did read a prepared statement. He insisted that not only his person was on trial, but through him the freedom of speech.

The three judges went into consultation in a backroom and when they returned Judge Moors spake thus:
The court has read the files, but the court also read newspapers and watches television these days. You have been accused by others of being good at stating an position but unwilling to debate it. It looks as if you’re doing the same thing today.
This charge has been leveled at him by his political opponents even at times when he had just debated his opponents and very ably too.

Hearing but not hearing

What is happening here is that the believers in the Multicultural fantasy do literally not believe their ears. Whenever a well spoken opponent of the Multicultural ideology and critic of the Multi-cultural society explains what is wrong with their ideology and its result, the Multi-cultural mess speaks to the pious Multi-culti believer they act in the following way.

Theology is not political science

After a critic has given his reasons they immediately dismiss what they just heard and even accuse the critic of not being willing to debate. So what is their definition of a debate? Their definition of a debate is a conversation in which both speakers eventually agree that Multi-cultural society is truly great and that Multiculturalism is the only valid way of thinking. The Multi-culturalist's belief in the earthly heaven of Multi-culturalism is theological, confusing an ideal and dreamed state of being with a political project and a legal framework for a real existing society.

They literally think they can bring heaven on earth, by their manipulations.

The judiciary and its power

Unfortunately the members of this deluded sect hold true power as the owners of the political parties and appointers of the judiciary.

The task of Geert Wilders is showing that this is so. He is trying to show his supporters and the population at large that the Courts are in a state of delusion.

What must be done?

The next step must be too gain enough power to be able to influence the selection and appointment of judges in order to get a magistracy which works for the Dutch nation and not against it.  

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