Sunday, August 29, 2010

Geert Wilders stands up for his people

Geert Wilders defends his voters

As negotiators are working on putting together a new coalition government of CDA, VVD and PVV, more and more formerly prominent politicians are coming out with their opposition against a possible government including the Freedom Party (PVV). These former prominents are all members of the Christian Democrats (CDA). The reasons given for their opposition to a coalition with are that the PVV endangers the Rule of Law and excludes and demonises the Muslim part of Dutch society.

Wilders on Twitter

Wilders reacted yesterday on Twitter by defending his 1.5 million voters and to call for an end to the demonisation against them.

Who and by whom?

It bears pointing out that while the former CDA prominents mourn the possible exclusion of the followers of Islam, they actively seek the exclusion and demonisation of the PVV-voting base. Therefore it is not exclusion and demonisation as such they are against and differ with the PVV. It is who must be excluded and demonised. And it is about by whom there must be demonisation and exclusion that they differ from the PVV. They seek the moral high ground by their complaints about the baseness of demonisation and exclusion. While practising both of these as part of their political art.

The Good Book

And this Sunday's Bible reading is from Matthew 7, verses 1 - 29.

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