Friday, June 11, 2010

Visiting the Queen

Presenting the Freedom Party to the Queen

Today Geert Wilders visited the Royal Palace Soestdijk, the palace where the Dutch Monarch lives. This is a ritual which takes place after every national election.

The Christian-Democrats

The Queen has appointed a formateur from the VVD, the biggest party. The task of this formateur is to get a coalition together which will be the the government. This will be a mayor task. The favourite of the VVD and the PVV is a rightwing government together with the Christian Democrats. However the Christian-Democrats lost heavily while they were in government and they have little stomach to rule. Even so It is the first possible variant which will be tried out.

The power of the Queen

Once a coalition has been formed they will go to the palace again to have their picture taken on the stairs in front of the palace together with the Queen. Obviously the Monarch has some influence on the government coalition, which are formed. As the Dutch Queen Beatrix is a staunch multiculturalist she favours a combination of VVD with several leftist parties. And because Dutch politics is so splintered now, the power of the parties has waned and the Queen is more influential than ever. Hence my expectation is for a right-liberal - leftist coalition. This coalition will have many parties and be weak and unstable.

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