Thursday, January 21, 2010

The crux of Wilders' indictment

A legal expert speaks

Mr. Hiddema, a Dutch laywer interviewed (Dutch) on Dutch news and commentary TV show Netwerk yesterday explained what the long indictment against Wilders is about (HT Geenstijl). The centerpiece is Wilders' comparison of the Quran with Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Wilders at fault or the Quran?

According to Mr. Hiddema the trial against Mr. Wilders must prominently feature a comparison of Hitler's call for the use of violence against Jews and other minorities and Mohammed's prophesies of war against the unbelievers. Particularly the Jewish unbelievers.

Wilders says he speaks nothing but the truth

This is also the reason why Wilders insisted on having the indictment read out in full by the public prosecutor. The indictment consist of many Wilders quotes which in there turn are Quran quotes. With these quotes it is Islam that is the defendant. During his speech to the judges yesterday Wilders insisted that he had no objection to Muslims in The Netherlands personally. But that his objection was to Islam and the increase of Islamic power in The Netherlands. Wilders says that what he says about Islam is true, that his quotes truly represent what Islam is about.

The postion of the media

After the Netwerk news show ended it showed a kind of ad. The ad featured Ghislaine Plag, the presenter of the Netwerk show praising the virtues of the Multicultural society including footage of a happy headscarved Muslim women.

This makes it again clear that most of the media, who are subsidized and therefore owned by the state are in cahoots with the rest of the elite, the politicians and the judiciary. They are not independent, they want Wilders' viewpoint banished from the political discourse.

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