Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The question of Western Decline

The deeper causes of the decline of the West?

The blogger Randall Parker recently raised the spectre of another bubble, cause by low savings by the American public. He wondered if the underlying problem might not be national economic decline of the US and inquired about the possible causes.

Shifting ethnic demographics

A commenter calling himself Glenn Beck mentioned as an important underlying cause the
2.) Shifting ethnic demographics that are depressing our human capital
In The Netherlands the issue of the financial decline of the nation as a result of mass immigration has now become political.

Asking the right questions

This blog featured an article in July about this question being asked by the Freedom Party (PVV):
In the last month Freedom Party MP (PVV) Sietse Fritsma has been asking Dutch government ministries what their immigrant related costs are and how they relate to the costs of native Dutchmen. He has also asked questions about the revenue of the state related to immigrants. He has forecast the result that immigrants ON AVERAGE cost more than they bring in.
The question by the Freedom Party (PVV) about the cost of immigration was not answered by Eberhard van der Laan, the responsible Minister. Despite the fact that article 67 of the Constitution instructs ministers to answer questions from Parliament. Mr. van der Laan argued that he did not want to devide the population in groups and have costs and revenues calculated accordingly.

An estimate goes mainstream

A mainstream Dutch magazine Elsevier calculated the cost of immigration at 13 billion Euros annually out of a 877 billion GDP. The tally was a total of 216 billion, for a limited number of items, excluding for instance the total damages of the high immigrant crime rates.

Throwing in pension age to make the brew more potent

The resistance against calculating and making public the costs of colonization by non-westerners of The Netherlands is strong. The PVV is going to make it one of the most important issues in their campaigns and is now connecting the issue to the age that citizens can start their pensions. The other parties want to raise this age in order to counter the effect of the aging of the population. This will extent the interest of the electorate from to right wing voters to include left wing voters and possibly make the PVV a national party.

Western decline is population decline

All Western countries will have to deal with these questions eventually. The decline of economies and the resulting inability of the state to provide income and services to its clients will force these issues to the forefront.

Contrary to what political elites tell the public, immigration is not an economic gain for receiving nations. The problem of aging populations will not be softened by third world immigration, but exacerbated by it.

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