Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dutch nationalists courted by Labour Unions

As a result of the looming electoral collapse of the Labour Party and the growth of the support for the populist and nationalist Freedom Party (PVV) institutions in Dutch society are starting to court the PVV as a part of their political activity.

The Chairman of the Labour Party affilliated FNV (Federation of Dutch Trade Unions) Agnes Jongerius is seeking an alliance with the PVV (Dutch). The goal is to twarth the plans of the Cabinet to raise the pension age to 65 from 67. Geert Wilders has declared himself against the plans to raise the pension age. He linked the issue to the cost of immigration, which are estimated at 216 Billion Euros since 1970.

The trade union chairman said she would ally with satan in order to stop raising the pension age. The government is expected to decide on the raising of the pension age by the end of this week. The growing leftist party SP is also dead set against raising the pension age.

In a reaction to the plans of the FNV Labour Union the Christian CNV was opposed to cooperation with the blond satan Geert Wilders. Deputy Chairman Bert van Boggelen of the CNV said that there should be no alliances with political parties which wish to "exclude" groups of the population. The CNV has earlier shown to be a supporter of multiculturalism against the wishes of its membership. In 2006 the Christian Labour Union CNV initiated a proposal that the Muslim festival of Eid ul Fitr was to be made a a national holiday. To the shock of its membership.

The Chairman of the Union of Civil Servants (Abvakabo) Edith Snoey also opposed the move by the highest echelon of the Labour Unions. She said that the only contacts should be limited to the parliamentary contacts of the Labour Unions.

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