Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dutch elite loses confidence

The ruling government

The Dutch Christian Union (CU) is the junior partner of the three party Dutch government coalition of Christian Democrats (CDA) and Labour (PvdA).

All established Dutch political parties have a think tank. The Christian Union have appointed a expert on the Islami world as the director of their think tank. He studied Islam and Christian - Muslim relations in Egypt for seven years. His name is Gert-Jan Segers.

Mutual suspicion

Last Wednesday the Volkskrant, a left wing newspaper published an interview stating that:
the general population had lost faith in the Multicultural ideology. It turns out that the sentiment behind Wilders (Dutch) has deep currents. There is so much suspicion. The Muslims are bad people. They do not want to assimilate. The sentiment is broadly shared. It exists within our Protestant group (Dutch) and also within other social groups where I attended meetings. Bad stories abound.
A Dutch glasnost

Mr. Segers expresses a wider and wider shared feeling of despair at the state of the multicultural society anongst the political class in The Netherlands. Multiculturalism is a Marxist creed, with the belief in equality as the most basic political belief. And the dominance of economic relations as the foundation of societal relations. The current state of the debate is comparable to the Glasnost enabled debates in the Soviet Union about Marxism-Leninism between 1985 and its demise in 1989.

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