Thursday, October 08, 2009

Amsterdam provides jobs to Muslim criminals

Criminal records obstruct Muslim employment

The Amsterdam municipality has a policy which requires all those hired by the municipality to have a conduct certificate. Many Muslim youth have criminal records and they can not obtain the certificate and hence no cushy municipal jobs for them.

Allah intervenes on behalf of those who believe

Allahkarim! Allah is Merciful. And he appointed a messenger and sent him to the densest concentration of Muslims in Amsterdam: Amsterdam-West. His name is Achmed Marcouch, the mayor of the borough Amsterdam-West. Mr. Marcouch the Messenger is powerful! His words bent law and justice! Thus spoke the Messenger at the time appointed by Allah:
These youths do not know the paths to employment. Ya Allah! We want to touch these youths with a bad employment record and who do not know how to find jobs. We created the agency "Mo Money". Bismillah "Mo Money" will assist youths making applications and support them even after they landed a job.
Snouck lies!

My readers will say this cannot be true. Okay, I made up the "Allahkarim" and "Bismillah" and "Ya Allah" and all that malarky. But the rest is the Christian Truth! The plan is cooked up by Ad Agencies TBWA and Hot DNA and is financed by Mr Marcouch´ borough Amsterdam-West and Job Agency Tempo Team.

Tyrrano-Anarchy in action

So you see how it works. If you are functional and employed you are taxed by the state. Your money is taken from you. In return you are not protected by the state. The state gives the money to those who are violent and prey on the law-abiding. The lawless are also assisted to do what the law-abiding do without state assistence.

Is it not time that the state would crack down on criminals, expells them and restore justice, law and order while lowering the tax burden on the law abiding citizens of The Netherlands? Dutchmen can now vote for such a program: the PVV's. In the polls it is the biggest party already. Meanwhile the media are rife with speculation on the collapse of the Labour Party, the party of Marcouch the Messenger.

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