Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mayor: Dutch against asylum seekers

Do the people agree with mass immigration?

Europe is being ruthlessly transformed by wave after wave of non-western immigration. Because European countries are democratic one would expect that the people agree with the transformation because they are not opposing it. Or is it perhaps more complicated and is the absense of political opposition the result of subtle political repression? A Dutch mayor, Eric van Oosterhout (Labour), has implicitly said so. He said that if it was up to Dutch citizens, no asylum seekers would ever be housed in The Netherlands. The mayor of the rustic Dutch town of Aa en Hunze, said this on 3FM, a Dutch radio station (Dutch).

With regards to opening a asylum seekers center against the wishes of the local population the words he used where:
we are defending a minority interest here, and such an interest should not be influenced by the majority. If the state would listen to the citizens not one more asylum seeker would be housed. You may call it authoritarian - but I call it accepting one's responsibility.
Dutch mayors are appointed and they are hand picked from a pool of 30.000 active members of the political parties. This is a narrow caste of satraps, which does not fear political competition for their positions. Hence the electorate, the citizenry has been made powerless. Enabling the satraps to overwhelm the Dutch nation and the other nations of Europe.

The media

Things are moving though. DJ Giel Beelen (Dutch) of the Labour affiliated VARA radio said it was irresponsible to increase funds to pay for asylum seeker in the midst of an economic crisis.

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