Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Labour Party falling apart

The big parties are doing badly

The polls are showing remarkable results in The Netherlands. Before I mentioned that the Freedom Party (PVV) is polling at 27-28 seats. The other parties are in terrible shape. A big parties such as the Christian Democrats is polling at a number of seats of 22 in the 150 seat Parliament. This party used to have more then 30 seats all the time. But the most remarkable result is the result of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA), by being reduced to 14 seats. That is less than 10 percent of the electorate!

A big reason that Labour is doing so badly is their pro-multicultural stance, combined with the economic crisis and the proposals to push the pension age from 65 to 67. Voters are running away to the Left, staying at home or even voting for the PVV.

Politics has never been such fun! (Mad laugh)

Other European countries

In Germany things are similar. The SPD, the German Labour Party (German), polled at a all time low of 23 percent during the recent elections. Main reason was a proposal to move the pension age from 65 up to 67.

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