Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Black on Black shootings take a toll

Violence amongst African descended population

On the 27th of August IslaminEurope.net featured a story on the shootings amongst Blacks in the Black neighbourhood Zuid-Oost (South-East). The level of violence in an area of perhaps 9 square kilometers is unusually high by Dutch standards. In 2009 there have been 22 registered shoot-outs. Three people got killed. The last deadly shoot-out was on the 22th of September. It took the life of a 19 year old Carribean black rapper Ishmael Gumbs (Dutch). He had immigrated from the Carribean 2 years ago. He was shot in full view of playing children in a quarrel over an insult to the girlfriend of the killer.

Random shootings?

According to the police the shootings are not related. The cause of the shoot-outs may be insults or conflicts over drug deals. The things the shoot-outs have in common is the Racial background of the shooters and the locality.

Ishmael Gumbs rapping about the thug life style that led to his death

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