Thursday, August 27, 2009

Africa in Europe: the police response

African populations and social disfunction

In a my post a week ago about Africans in Europe I mentioned the disfunctional behaviour of Africans abroad. I include people descended from African populations in to create the grouping `Africans`.

The response by the police

There news is that the Dutch police and bureaucrats are getting more and more concerned with African violence. Amsterdam Police Chief Welten (Dutch) stated that a lot of the violence by Caribbeans was caused by or inluenced by rappers. According to the Police Chief a lot of the violence was motiveless. The rappers glorify violence and those who use violence. It can be said that the rappers promote gang membership. These gangs engage in burglaries, prostitution and drug smuggling and dealing.

Combatting gang membership

It is not clear what the Police Chief wants to do about the glorifying of violence. The measures the Police Chief proposed was using legislation that was introduced to combat organized crime by taxing criminals to death on violent gang members. This way the gold jewellery and expensive cars of gang members can be confiscated. This would take incentives for young blacks away to join gangs and have a high social standing in the African and Caribbean communities.

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