Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blood is thicker than water

Immigration and development of human capital

Immigration of guest workers has been sold to Europeans as away to rejuvenate and strengthen the continent. The children immigrants would be educated as Europeans and when working help to pay for the pension of older Europeans.

Does good education equal loyalty?

Unfortunately the labour participation of the biggest group of immigrants, the Muslims, is shockingly low. Around 50 percent in The Netherlands and Germany. Bu there is worse news. Many of the best educated young Muslims, return to the countries of origin, taking with them all the education invested in them. The question is: may education inculate immigrants with a sense of loyalty and belonging to the society that educated them?

Wealth is no home

It makes sense, when you think about it. No matter how much money one makes, one will not be able to identify with a sociey that belongs to a different culture. But what about the figures?

According to the Dutch Central Statistics Office (CBS) the number of Muslims going back to the country of their parents was:

Of Turks going back was in 2004: 341 and in 2008: 676
Of Moroccans going back was in 2004: 240 and in 2008: 327

The verdict

The question of loyalty has not been answered with these low numbers. But the number are rising. There are around half a million Turks and almost a quarter of a million Moroccans of all ages in The Netherlands. This outflow of human capital puts another nail in the coffin of Multiculturalism in The Netherlands.

This blog featured an article on the willingness of Dutch Muslims to leave The Netherlands.

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