Sunday, July 26, 2009

Patriotism on the Rise in Europe

Do Dutch citizens support EU policy?

As the Dutch political class is in cahoots with the rest of the EU oligarchy, transferring legislative power to the European Commission and the European Court is is important to take a look of their policies are supported by the citizens. Are Dutch citizens becoming more patriotic or do they support strengthening of the power of transnational political bodies?

Researchers inventoried patriotic attitudes of citizens

Researchers from the MigrantenStudies institute inventoried political attitudes of Dutch citizens. The compared attitudes in 2006 with those of 1995. Results were broken down according to educational levels.

The higher educated, the more patriotic

The results show that patriotic attitudes are growing, particularly amongst citizens with MA or BA level education. In 1995 lower educated citizens were most patriotic, medium educated citizens less patriotic and highly educated citizens least patriotic. This scheme has now reversed, with the higher the educational attainments the stronger patriotic sentiments are. This is expressed in stating agreement with statements such "I am proud of the my nation". Dutch citizens of medium education are also becoming more intensely patriotic, but not as much as the highly educated.

Dutch citizens of low educational attainment remain stable in their patriotism or show a slight decline.

At odds

The political elite seems at odds with the citizenry, about the course of political intergration.

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