Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The gatekeeper from Hell

Throwing the gates wide open

After the 2006 national elections the newly formed Dutch coalition government agreed to give a amnesty to 26,000 asylum seekers. Deputy Minister of Justice Nebahat Albayrak today reported to Dutch parliament that over 27,000 asylum seekers (Dutch) have been issued residence permits. All of them will also receive housing by the end of the year. 24,000 already received housing. 6,000 asylum seekers were turned down due to fraudulent paperwork. Those who were turned down are supposed to leave The Netherlands. In practice a significant number of them will become illegal residents and contribute to alieniation and insecurity of Dutch citizens.

There is special hardship in the fact that the apparatchik, Nebahat Albayrak, who is administration the entrance of this host of foreigners descending on the Dutch nation is herself of immigrant stock.

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