Monday, July 13, 2009

Dumbing down of education

With the large amounts of immigrants from non-western cultures having settled in The Netherlands come all kinds of practical matters.

Lower achievement in the countries of origin

These people come from Central Asia, North Africa and Sub-saharan Africa and the Middle East. The cultures that these people come from are not noted for a strong emphasis on education. Educational attainment is essential to getting ahead in a modern Western society. Do the immigrants from the abovementioned parts of the globe do well in The Netherlands in the field of education?

Double standards discriminate against Dutch students

The answer has been that overwhelmingly they do not do well at school. Very large numbers of non-western youth drop out of school and are added to the perenially unemployed and often criminal class of society. In order to fix the drop out rate schools are instructed by the national exams commission (CEVO) to allow non-Dutch students to make more spelling mistakes in exams than Dutch students. This is a glaring double standard. Imagine the wave of leftist and liberal hatred if it was discovered it is the other way around.

Standards are being dropped

A laywer, Mr. Roel Schreuders, told the press about the double standards that schools have to employ. He insisted that non-western students may make two to three times as many mistakes as Dutch students.

Real life example

I am not surprised. I know of non-western students who finished polytechnic despite a serious lack of knowledge of the Dutch language. They are not capable of writing business letters, but they are supposed to have written a thesis.

However, the national exams commission (CEVO) insists that the double standards only applies for a small group of students.

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