Sunday, July 19, 2009

Downfall of Europe by the Prophet Mohammed Rasul

The Netherlands, land of the naive fools

A few years ago, on April 9 2006, this blog featured an article on a Dutch book from 1990. The article is titled "Banning speech, banning prophesy".

The article describes the strange case of a book warning the Dutch of what would happen if they would allow Muslim colonization of their land. Many of the prophesies of the author have been fulfilled. E.g.
- there will be more crime, fuelled by moslim crime
- the Dutch will become cynical and untrusting, less gullible
This has already come about. There used to be an English translation online but the webpage disappeared. I found the text in the internet archive and made a new document "Land of naive fools - Downfall of the Netherlands" by Mohammed Rasul as a Google doc. The text can be used as a template for what will happen if any Western country allows itself to be colonized by Muslims.

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