Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Borjas question: do immigrants pay for their stay?

Do the natives profit from immigration?

The US economist George J. Borjas did research to answer the question who profits by immigration. His findings are contrary to the message of the Multiculturalists. He concluded that it is mostly the immigrants who benefit by their wages. Also employers who employ immigrants will benefit, or they would not do it.

What about Europe and The Netherlands?

In the last month Freedom Party MP Sietse Fritsma has been asking Dutch government ministries what their immigrant related costs are and how they relate to the costs of native Dutchmen. He has also asked questions about the revenue of the state related to immigrants. He has forecast the result that immigrants ON AVERAGE cost more than they bring in.

Knocking on heaven's door: the costs

Previously there have been studies undertaken. In 1999 Dutch economist and journalist Pieter Lakeman published a book that estimated the directly attributable cost of immigration at 70 billion guilders in 30 years. The total costs will be much higher.

Euwals, Rodenburg and ter Rele wrote a study, immigration and the Dutch economy, which also concluded that an average 25 year old non-western immigrant constitutes a net loss to the tax payer of a 100.000 euros in his life time. Here is an abstract of the study of the costs of immigrants in Dutch. While the average 25 year old Dutchmen (including immigrant stock!) creates a surplus of 165.000 euros. And the 25 year old immigrant is the best case. All the other ages are more costly. The report also warns that these costs do not include the expected "family reunification" costs of wife and children!

Immigration is priceless

There are other costs not vectored in. Such as loss of security due to high crime. Loss of political rights for the native population due to political-correctness and imposition of Sharia.

What answer will the Freedom Party get?

The media are already speculating that the Ministers and civil servants will not answer the questions that Sietse Fritsma has fielded. But Mr. Fritsma and his fellows will continue to ask this question and the avoidance of the answers will be noticed and interpreted by the voters.

More and more of them will conclude that there is no benefit to immigration. And that the assurance by politicians that immigrants will pay for their old age is a lie.

In financial terms immigrants are unequal to Westerners.

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