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Rotterdam, The Color of Crime

Non-discrimination as the highest principle

There is a remarkable correlation between crime and ethnic the origin of criminals. It is necessary for the elites of Western societies to see this and to steer society in a direction that strengthens society, rather than weakening it. However Liberalism is the orthodoxy of the West. According to Traditionalist Conservative Laurence Auster the highest principle of Liberalism is the principle of non-discrimination.

This principle non-discrimination inhibits researchers from being able to see the most obvious patterns.

The color of crime in Rotterdam

Dutch Criminologist Frank Bovenkerk yesterday published figures on Crime and Ethnicity for Rotterdam (Dutch). Amongst other things Mr. Frank Bovenkerk found that:
55 percent of Rotterdam males between 18 and 24 years of Moroccan origin (Dutch) was at one or more times suspect of a crime. Caribbean Black have 40 percent and Turks 36 percent. Ethnic Dutch of the same age group have a whopping 18 percent quote.

The scope of the snapshot

Professor Bovenkerk notes that these figures are conservative as they are annual 2007 figures. Only Rotterdam does statistics in this way. Mr. Bovenkerk combined figuers from the Central Statistical Service (CBS) with police data in order map suspects from the first and second generation of immigrants. Further data including ethnicity from other social services are added.

Repeat offenders

According to the professor 90 percent of the Moroccan criminals is a repeat offender. For ethnic Dutch this is 60 percent. It is expected that a similar pattern is found in other major Dutch cities.

Persistent Liberalism syndrome

In an interview with `De Volkskrant` Professor Bovenkerk astoundingly insist there is no connection between crime and ethnic origin of criminals. He is against seeing crime as caused by ethnic origin and uses the word `stereotyping` to tar this approach. Instead he sees a correlation betweeen social organisation and crime. The Turkish ethnic group has the strongest social cohesion and the lowest crime figures. Apart from the Ethnic Dutch.

Non-discrimination rules supreme

And Professor Bovenkerk goes further. He is against a law that would gather add data on ethnicity in the crime stats. `In trying criminals according to the penal code the principle of equality should be paramount` says the Professor who is leaving the Utrecht University as a Professor of Criminology.

A May 2009 article on the Color of Crime.

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