Friday, June 19, 2009

Right wing moves against criminal aliens

Right wing wants to turn burden of proof against criminal aliens

This blog recently featured stories about criminal Moroccan brothers in Amsterdam, who the police and Immigration Service (IND) wanted to have expelled. The brothers had incredibly long rap sheets. Both are ultra violent. Menaces to society. The were declared undesirable aliens. During the appeal the judge prevented one of the brothers from being expelled, as the IND could not prove that the facts that had been used to show he had no residence permit were correct.

During a debate between Deputy Minister Nabahat Albayrak (Labour) on one hand and Liberal Conservatives (VVD) , Freedom Party (PVV) and other right wingers on the other the notion was put forward that the interest of security of Dutch society takes precedence over the interests of a Criminal Alien (Dutch). The burden of proof for legal presence in The Netherlands should rest on the immigrant, not on the state.

Writing the refersal of the burden of proof into law

This Fall Deputy Minister Nebahat Albayrak, a Labour Party Affirmative Action candidate of Turkish origin, has to come up with a way to write such a refersal of the burden of proof into law.

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