Sunday, June 07, 2009

Expelling criminal foreigners and public charges

Incredibly violent criminal foreigners

In the middle of April I blogged on the case of two Muslim brothers from Amsterdam-West. They had criminal records of more than 300 items. And no Dutch nationality. And had even forgotten to renew their permit to stay. In a sane world it would be obvious: expell the brothers.

Appeal, appeal!

However we live in a world of crazy ideologues. One of the brother immediately succesfully appealled the decision by the Immigration Service (IND). The other brother did the same and yesterday a judge (Dutch) decided in his favour. He is not yet saved though. He will get an extension of his stay and his permit will be reconsidered.

What does this mean?

Obviously this is nuts. They are public charges. These chaps are very violent. They have no conideration for the lives and property of other citizens. They are undisirables. They do not have Dutch nationality. So if the judge were to take into acoount the interests of Dutch citizens and the obvious fact that the brothers consider other citizens rights as non-existent it would be best to protect society by expelling the brothers.

And yet there is light

Realize that the police is throwing its weight behind having these criminals removed, in ADDITION to the efforts by the Immigration Service. The civil servants of the Immigration Service have often shown their willingness to revoke the permits of immigrants on grounds of principle. In fact one of the parlementarians of the Freedom Party (PVV), Sietze Fritsma, is originally from the Immigration Service and he was assisted by his former collegues in opposing plans by the government to grant "refugees" amnesty. That the Amsterdam police has now joined the Immigration Service shows that there is support amongst the Dutch Civil Service for the plans of the Freedom Party.

The perspective

If the Freedom Party will continue to grow and become part of a government coalition it may be possible to get its program passed. A moratorium on immigration and the expelling of foreign criminals. The Immigration Service already seems to be on their side and the police is coming over. Geert Wilders' plans are looking more and more realistic.

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