Monday, June 29, 2009

Belgium wants an amnesty for illegal citizens

Anchor children are politicians excuse to legalize law breakers

The Belgian Minister of Migration Annemie Turtelboom wants a amnesty for illegal foreigners residing in Belgium. The amnesty is specifically for illegals with children enrolled in Belgian schools. These families are said to be "anchored in Begian society".

The amnesty is said to concern 4,000 to 8,000 people.

Experience with amnesty's shows that:

-the numbers are always much bigger than expected. E.g. when an Israeli Boeing crashed into a apartment complex in Amsterdam South East, a Black African neighbourhood, the Labour dominated municipality managed to wheedle a blanket amnesty form the national government. The news set of a stampede of often Frenchspeaking Africans from Belgium and France who came looking for an easy quick path to EU citizensship. The number of applications was 1,588. A multiple of the number of people that the apartment complex could accomodate.
-the problems that have been solved by legallizing the illegals are immediately recreated on a larger scale as new illegals pour in due to the expectation that they too have a future as a legal citizen. Amnesty is not really a fix, but an ongoing hollowing out of citizensship of the country that tries it.

Effect larger than Belgium

The amnesty will have an effect on neighbouring countries like France and The Netherlands too. Belgian citizensship is also EU citizensship and these people will be free to settle everywhere in the EU under the 1992 Schengen treaty.

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