Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PC under fire by the press

The MSM Swan Song

The Mains Stream Media (MSM) in The Netherlands are losing their reader basee and can no longer attract advertising. Some organs of the MSM merge, others dissapear. The remaining newspapers are desperate for readers and some increasingly resort to populism in order to retain and attract readership. Newspaper "De Telegraaf" thus has started to regularly expose for instance Muslim crime, thus attacking multicultural society.

Their latest attack was last Friday when "De Telegraaf" exposed affirmative action (AA) in the police.

AA in the Dutch Police

The Dutch government has decided that the biggest problem that the police faces is not their ridiculously low ratio of solved cases to reported cases, but rather that there are too few high ranking women and immigrant police officers. So the government agreed on quotas for area police chiefs. Half of area police chief posts should be either female or immigrant. The implementation of the policy was entrusted to Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst. Minister Ter Horst is herself a Affirmative Action Labour Party apparatchik.

And when Minister Ter Horst was not having a lot of success in conjuring up acceptable candidates out of thin air, parliamentarians both from the Left and the "Right" urged her to to get on with the program and to be like "a apparition from Hell" if the police bureaucracy would resist.

The police organisation kept nominating white males due to a quaint urge to preserve its standards. Its questionable standards which result in only one out of five reported cases being solved, the lowest ratio in Europe. One slot had been kept open for 15 months, when the police organisation nominated another white male. Minister Ter Horst decided show some steel and blocked the appointment and to cancel the nomination party.

At this point the story was leaked to "De Telegraaf" and they published it with an angle of "White Males Cannot become Police Chiefs". This predicably caused fury both amongst the public and the punditry.

It feels so good to be angry

Pundits and commenters had great fun bashing Minister Ter Horst, Affirmative Action and PC. What they are ignoring is that the problem is brought on by the possibly wrong idea that all groups are equal in ability and will to fullfill certain societal functions. Perhaps white males are just naturally better police men than women and minorities. Otherwise white males may have a stronger feeling of v o c a t i o n to protect Dutch society. Perhaps there are other reasons I cannot think of.

Perhaps the Liberal belief of equality does not correspond to reality and should be jettisoned.

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