Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turkish airlines plane crash update

NOS 24 reports that the Turkish Airlines hit the ground at 10:47 local time. Turkish Media report that there were 134 names on the passenger list.

The plane crash landed in a field a three kilometers from the "Polderbaan" landing strip, next to the A9 highway. There are contradictory reports of 1 person killed or nobody killed from Turkish media and the Turkish Minister of Transport.

The plane lies in a field which has just been ploughed and vehicles such as ambulances can not reach the plane. Wounded passengers are evacuated by a tracked rescue vehicle that shuttles them to a nearby road where ambulances are parked.

The plane left Istanbul at 08:20 local time

An eye witness saw the plane crashing and 15 people leaving the plane immediately after the crash. The plane was flying extremely slow and low before it crashed.

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