Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Geert Wilders makes a new move

Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party (PVV) hired Mr. Abraham Moszkowicz to fight the prosecution by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal against Hate Speech. Mr. Moszkowicz is one of the most prestigious laywers of The Netherlands.

Mr. Moszkowicz wants the Procureur-Generaal of the High Court* to "tear up" the ruling to prosecute.

Mr. Moszkowicz has previously won such an appeal to the "Procureur-Generaal" of the High Court in the case against Surinamese dictator Desi Bouterse.

The procedure is called "appeal in the interest of the law"**. It can be made in "current legal questions or questions in the interest of the unity of the law"

More at Dutchnews on Geert Wilders' appeal.

* "Hoge Raad" is the Highest College of the Law in The Netherlands

** "cassatie in het belang der wet".

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