Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gates of Vienna: Whither Germany?

Baron Bodissey has allowed a German Blogger, Furor Teutonica, to enlighten us about the Pro-Deutschland party which is currently being formed in Germany and which opposes Islamisation of their Nation.

In a comment another German blogger, the Editrx from the Roncesvalles blog reacts:
"As I have pointed out countless times, there ARE NO "conservatives" in Germany. Never were, are not, never will be." (part of a longer comment).

I wrote the following reply:
So you have countless times made a categoral statement that Germans are into enternity unable to form a viable Conservative or Pro-German movement which is part of the greater family of Western nations.

You motivate this by pointing towards the Nazi-era co-operation between NS and Arab Leaders against the Jews and others (Serbs). And the ongoing co-operation between the German Left and annialist Islam (Iran and the Palestinians).

You further motivate your POV by the Germans never having been occupied and reformed by the Romans.

("The relative absence of the mellowing, civilisatory Roman influence serves here to explain a cruel and ruthless streak in the Germans that seems to be absent, or not so prevalent, in other European people.")

First please tell me how does this Roman monopoly on a nations' soundness works?

The Romans were a relatively civilized force in their time. They still were annialationist in their treatment of enemies, putting men, women and children to the sword with careless abandon. This fate befell ancient Israel. Two times (70 and 135 AD).

The Germans on the other hand had a fairly mellow reputation as a friendly and pastoral people as evidenced for instance by Edward Gibbons in the "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".

A reputation that goes back perhaps 2.500 years.

The Germans ruined that reputation in the Twentieth Century. To be precise in the period 1933 - 1945. That is 12 years of history, a scope that is even narrower than the Quran's.

Secondly, the many examples that you show of Leftist Jew and Israel hatred are not German-specific. A similar pattern can be observed in ANY Western country. Therefore it does not prove the unredeemably Anti-Western character of the German nation.

I would like to state that it IS possible for the German Nation to run on a pro-Western Course.

Twenty years ago there was no Pro-Western movement in the UK, the Netherlands or Denmark either and the only ones standing up to Mass-immigration and Islamisation were those marinated in the brown sauce.

This situation has been corrected either by new Parties without Brown roots (Netherlands and Denmark) or Parties with suspect beginnings gradually distancing themselves from suspect roots and cleaning up (UK).

Oh and neither Denmark nor the dominant North of the Netherlands was ever occupied by the Romans and taught by them.

There is no categoral reason why a German political movement could not lead the German Nation to a Pro-Western (including Pro-Israel) stance. Either by forming a clean roots party or by a dirty party that cleans up as it broadens its base of support. Pro-Deutschland may be either.

Anti-Jihadists have got nothing to lose and Germany to win when we keep this possibility of their and our national redemption open.

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