Saturday, January 24, 2009

Freedom Party: another one bites the dust?

Well, is supposed to bite the dust. The Left wants to take out another prominent Freedom Party leader.

The Reds are really on a roll.

This time it is Hero Brinkman. Hero Brinkman is a Freedom Party (PVV) MP with a high public profile. He is a former Amsterdam cop with a lot of scores to settle against our leftist local government concerning the way Amsterdam is run.

But lately he has mostly been making waves with regards to crime and cooruption from the Dutch Antilles. The Dutch Antilles are a corruption-ridden bunch of Islands in the Carribbean which sends a lot of their society's lowest, least employable and most criminal stratum to The Netherlands. The Islands also receive large grants of subsidies annually, which dissappear without much effect on the social-economic situation of the Islands.

Hero Brinkman is a part of a parliamentary commission which oversees the spending of the money grants on the Antilles. He has - recently again - loudly and publicly pointed out the corruption on the Islands and their habit of dumping their underclass on The Netherlands.

René Damen, a member of the Dutch Greens, has now issued a similar complaint against Hero Brinkman (Dutch) as the one that has lead to Geert Wilders being prosecuted for hate crimes.

It seems that the Left is much encouraged by recent developments. On the other hand internet forums show rage building up with thousands of hostile comments against Muslims and the Left. Muslim leaders, such as Yusuf Altuntas of Milli Görüs, are publicly worrying about a backlash.

The more starry-eyed believers in a harmonious multi-cultural society are proven wrong, the more they will try to surpress nativist stirring.

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