Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dutch MP calls for violence against Israel

Dutch MP Harry van Bommel called for an Intifadah against Israel during a demonstration on 3 januari in Amsterdam. Shouting "Intifadah, intifadah, Palestine Free" he marched with Anti-Israel activist Gretta Duisenburg.

Behind him protesters are calling for "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to be gassed". This rhymes in Dutch and is therefore considered cute by some.

MP Van Bommel is a member of the Socialist Party (SP). The SP is a growing party popular amongst marginalized and more recently also media elite Dutch. MP Van Bommel is second or third most influential within the SP. He has very good contacts with the Dutch media, especially newspapers. MP Van Bommel is well known for his anti-western point of view regarding Middle Eastern politics.

He lives in the Amsterdam neighbourhood where Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was shot by a Dutch Muslim, for making a Muslim critical film.

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