Saturday, November 22, 2008

Further thoughts on the dismissal of Minister Ella Vogelaar

Last week I blogged on the dismissal of Minister Ella Vogelaar of Neighbourhoods and Assimilation.

A further thought on this topic occurred to me. In my above quoted piece I gave as a reason for the dismissal that the Minister was too weak.

But there is more. Vogelaar was also not well-aligned with the Labour party's position on Assimilation. She represents the old line on the position of migrants in which it is mostly ethnic Dutch who are responsible for creating favourable condition for success of non-westerners in The Netherlands.

The new line of Labour that it is the non-westerners who must create the conditions for their succesfully becoming a part of Dutch society. By firing Minister Ella Vogelaar the Labour Party has now communicated the new line to the whole party.

Either you agree with the new policy or you are out.

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