Sunday, November 02, 2008

Brutal rape in centre of Amsterdam

Amsterdam newspaper "Het Parool" reports that a 26 years old woman was raped (Dutch) in the center of Amsterdam, the upscale canal area (grachtengordel).

This happened last tuesday at around 2:30. Location: Herengracht. The man asked for a cigarette and grabbed the woman. The man took her handbag and then attempted to rape her, but he did not succeed. He dragged her to the Leidsestraat, a busy area although less so at that time. He then demanded that she withdrew money for him from the ATMs at Ledseplein.

The police reports that the woman did not manage to grab the attention of the many passersby in that street. When they arrived the woman managed to break lose from clutches of the rapist and ask for help from a group of tourists. The rapist managed to run.

The police describes the man as of probable mediterranean extraction. The discription given generally fits North Africans especially Moroccans.

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