Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Large number of cousin marriages in The Netherlands

The Dutch Institute for national Health and the Environment (RIVM) published a new study (Dutch) on cousin marriages. Although cousin marriages have dissapeared in The Netherlands after the Second World War the practice has come back again. The practice occurs frequently amongst the new communities of Muslims in The Netherlands. As a result of this practice there has been an increase in death at births and genetic defects. This trend is now flattening.

Steve Sailer of the Human Diversity Institute has extensively written on the new European phenomenon of consanguineous marriage in Islam.

Amongst Moroccans the percentage of consanguineous marriages is 22 percent. Amongst Turks even 24 percent according to the research. The consanguineous marriages are a Middle Eastern practice that strengthen kinship ties and improve solidarity amongst members of clans and tribes. It also causes lower loyalty to the national state both in the Middle East and in new areas of Muslim settlement such as Europe. The fractuous nature of consanguineous marriages are illustrated by the political and military situation on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The obstacles faced by the USA in the Middle East caused by consanguinus marriage have also been covered by Steve Sailer in "The cousin marriage conundrum"

Consanguineous marriage leads to nepotism and clannishness. It is an obstacle to achieving a Middle Eastern any settlements by Western forces.

It is also a menace to society for Western nations whose elites are so blinded to reality that they accept settlement of their land by Muslims. Due to Liberalism (the believe that all cultures are equal) Westerners have become unable to know this and to deal with this matter.

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