Friday, January 25, 2008

Where does the Islamisation come from?

Gates of Vienna has a report by Rolf Krake about the Cities against Islamisation project in which Vlaams Belang and several other European Anti-Islamist parties participate:

Cities Against Islamization states:

"The movement:

Resists the multicultural ideology which results in a situation where Western European Muslims publicly live in accordance with their own values. That leads to the institutionalization of the religion.

Resists the institutionalization of Islam, the official recognition of Islam, the subsidizing of Islamic associations, Koran schools, imams, etc. The institutionalization of Islam will lead to the creation of an Islamic socio-political group which will slow down the integration of the Islamic community.

Is opposed to concessions by policy makers towards Islam which have resulted in Western values and standards being suppressed more and more, in favor of Islamic costumes and values, which are frequently incompatible with our Western values, standards, and way of life.

Believes that individual freedom of religion, including Islam, must be assured at all times. However, freedom of religion cannot be an alibi for introducing undemocratic or discriminatory customs or acts.

Resists the introduction of Sharia law as a replacement for the European rules of law."

What is notably absent in the five point program of "Cities against Islamisation" is immigration and the establishment and growth of alien and hostile colonies on European soil.

Remove the colonies and there will be no chance of the increase of Muslim power in our lands.

Basically this reaction to Islamisation is greater autoritarianism and harshness against ALL citizens of European lands.

If we want to ensure the future AND freedom of Western nations immigration and Muslim colonies needs to be addressed.

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