Thursday, January 31, 2008

Socialist Mayor of Amsterdam is still unable to deal with criticism

Yesterday on television program NOVA former member of the Amsterdam police Hero Brinkman and his then boss Mayor Job Cohen of Amsterdam had a debate. The Policeman is now a MP for the Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders. MP Brinkman stated that:
Amsterdamse city administrators are afraid of Muslims. They allow themselves to be fooled, ignore racism, and do not act against Morroccan recividists.
He also accused the Mayor of being the worst mayor of The Netherlands and ignoring the Jihadist El-Tahweed mosque in Amsterdam.

Rather than refuting MP Brinkman's accusations Mayor Cohen retorted by accusing Brinkman and his party of:
polarising society and whipping up hatred and violence.
The Left is unable to deal with criticism that goes to the core of their world view, the idea that people are equal. As in the former Communist block they hold on to their false ideals and react by insisting that their opponents are insane or evil or both. They are unable to rise above ad hominem attacks.

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