Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Handwringing

On a briefing at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington Dutch security agents of the Internal Security Service (AIVD) reported that Jihadist recruiters continue to be active in Dutch Mosques (Dutch). Jihadist recruiters recruit at El Tawheed (Amsterdam), Al Fourkaan (Eindhoven), As-Soennah (Den Haag) and the Islamitic Foundation for Good Upbringing and Transfer of Knowledge (Tilburg).

These four mosques are leaders of Salafist Islam in The Netherlands. Salafism is the strongly Jihadist flavour of Islam.

The recruiters have personal ties to the Elders of the mosques and their Imams. The Leadership of the mosques keeps insisting that the goal of all Muslims must be the Caliphate. And The Netherlands too must be a partof the Caliphate. The leadership allows the recruiters to continue to assemble and prepare Muslims for Jihad against the West and the rest of the world.

The leadership of the mosques (Dutch) apply for subsidies from municipal governments by starting projects to protect "women's rights" or "youth support". By coaching subsidy applications in this liberal language they manage to pull the wool over the eyes of civil servants and Dutch taxpayers end up paying for training and recruiting the very Jihadist forces that will disenfranchise them.

Of course nothing will be done. Immigration will not be halted. Mosque leadership, Imams and recruiters will not be expelled. It is impossible to think that The Netherlands will do anything to protect itself. That would be exclusionist and discriminatory. And Liberalism forbids anything that reeks of exclusion and discrimination.

Even if it is necessary to protect the Dutch nation and its allies.

Liberalism has to go before it destroys the nation.

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