Friday, October 26, 2007

Commie hate attack in Denmark

Yesterday the news came out (HT KV) that last Sunday Mr. Anders Gravers, the leader of Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) together with some of his compagnions, had been attacked. The van they drove in to a demonstration was ambushed and the occupants were assaulted by Leftist activists, with knives and crowbars. These "autonomer" attacked while the van and a following security car had just entered a underground parking lot.

The "autonomer" attacked a 74 year old women that had been driving in the security car with a crowbar as she was fleeing the scene. Mr. Anders Gravers was wearing a protective vest. His clothes were rent with knife gashes, but the vest saved him from serious injury.

Four of his compagnions were not so lucky and were injured by the Commie thugs. The injured were two men and two women, which shows you just how ideological this scum is. Equality before everything!

Mr. Gravers and some of his compagnions managed to drive off the attackers. It would seem that the autonomer tried to stop Mr. Gravers the same way the late Pim Fortuyn was stopped in 2002. Pim Fortuyn had been attacked by a Dutch group which is similar in outlook to the autonomer. Later he was assassinated by Volkert van der Graaf, a member of a far-left group of animal rights activists.

Groups as environmentalists, animal-rights activists, "autonomer", Antifa are heavily subsidized by governments in several European countries. They are protected by sympathetic judges when tried for using violence. They act as strong-men and enforcers for the political elites, stifling right-wing opposition to Left/Liberal political and ideological hegemony.

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