Friday, August 31, 2007

What goes around....

Düzgün Yildirim, the new Socialist Party Senator mentioned as an example of the crop of candidates from ethnic minorities in the previous post, made a proposal. He says that the subsidy Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) receives from the state should be withdrawn. The reason he gave was that Wilders owes the threat against his life from Leftists and Muslims to his "radical utterances" towards Islam and the multicultural society (Dutch).

Yildirim says that politicians should not be protected their whole lifes at the expense of the Treasury.

Nobody ever asked whether Dutch society should be multicultural. This was forced on society. Those who asked questions were ostracised or attacked by "Antifa" the vigilantes of the Left. Now that there finally are people who are brave enough to stand up to intimidation, they need protection from the vigilantes and Muslims 24 by 7.

Yildirim shows were his real loyalty lies. With his own Muslim community. He attempts to use his political power to rob Wilders of the shield that he needs to survive and represent that part of the Dutch community that has retained a sense of nationhood.

Yildirim thinks that it is legal to attack those who attack Islam and the multiculturalist ideology that enables Islam to settle in Dutch society. He thinks it is illegal for the Dutch to oppose it. This fits with the Islamic view of those who do not agree with Islam and become Muslims are agressors against Islam.

The next step in the drama is obvious. Senator Yildirim has received many death threats from ethnic Dutchmen. E-mails, letters, packages, phonecalls stating support for Wilders and threats of murder and rape against himself and members of his family. Yildirim has reported these to the police.

Meanwhile, a German-Danish group led by a Dr. Udo Ulfkotte is planning a protest against the Islamization of Europe. The mayor of Brussels turned down the application for a permit to demonstrate by the organisers. The grounds for the denial was: "a real danger of violence between demonstrators and Muslims living in the neighbourhood." according to Mayor Thielemans.

Another application for a permit to demonstrate was granted. To "a group claiming that the 9/11/2001 terror attacks are the work of the American government, acting on behalf of the Jews".

This groups consists of Muslims and Leftists. There is no ground to deny this group a demonstration. Because there is no threat of violence from the ethnic Europeans against them.

By default this clearly shows who the violent side is, in the dispute between the Left and Islam on one side, and the groups who oppose Islamisation on the other side. As the opposers of Islamisation are confronted with the these facts and the obvious bounty on the use of violence, there will be a trend towards the use of counter-violence against the Left and Islamic communities. It is the only way to get represented and recognised politically.

As a result of Multiculturalism different ethnic and religious groups are competing within the same political space. They do not perceive the claims of the other groups as legitimate, hence they resort to threats of violence rather than to debate. Civil society is eroding. The government will have many excuses to rule in an authoritarian manner, rather than consult the public, as it is made up of warring groups.

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